7 Ways to Attend Festivals More Consciously

Festival season is here! While we love festivals as much as the next fun-loving gal, we are not so into the waste they produce. Campgrounds strewn with trash, disposable cups and one-time use costume pieces? No, thank you ...

But festivals CAN be done in a more conscious manner. Here's how to eliminate excess, and get more out of less!

1. Bring your own water bottle, insulated drink cup for hot and cold beverages, plate, bowl, and utensil set. With this simple kitchen set, even if you aren't preparing you own meals, you will be doing your part to eliminate the waste from food and drink vendors. 

2. Opt for less packaging when purchasing. Think BULK. Go in with friends on a keg or bag of wine instead of buying cans and bottles. Purchase "family" instead of "fun" size bags of chips and share! Also, removing packaging pre-festival and recycling at home means there is less chance of heading to the landfill later. 

3. Bring trash bags, then properly secure and label them! Always remember to bring trash bags, tie them down to a table or tent, and label for trash, general recycling and glass. Sorting on site increases the chances of waste getting disposed of properly. 

5. Go eco with your glow! Glow sticks are a big NO-NO. These one-time-use light machines become litter in less than 12 hours. Opt for LED string lights with a battery pack or LED pins that you can easily secure to your tent/bag/coat/hat. 

6. Take advantage of the sun! Opt for solar powered everything! From cute lights for your camp area, lanterns for your tent and iPhone chargers, there is often a solar solution to your power needs. 

7. Purchase key costume pieces that go with everything. Instead of bringing your entire closet camping, select a comfy pair of boots, warm coat, and a great bag. (ALL OF OUR FRINGE BAGS ARE 30% OFF RIGHT NOW // promo code: festival) Think versatile pieces that will go with all of your outfits and opt for quality, not quantity. We all want to look cute, but having fewer quality pieces that work with all your looks will lighten your load, plus you'll be more likely to integrate them into your normal wardrobe.

We're sharing tons of our favorite ethical festival fashion picks tomorrow! Stay tuned for sustainable sartorial inspiration.  

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