Artisan Partner Favorites

We recently shared our staff's favorite bags with you, the ones we wouldn't leave the house without. The MZ artisans have bags that are the closest to their hearts as well and we loved hearing about why! 

Antonia: Crystal Duffel 

"I love this duffel because I put my soul into it while I’m weaving. I love that it is used for travel because I imagine my soul being able to travel around the world through the bag.” 


Malena: Dark Earth Clutch


"This clutch is my favorite because I think the colors really represent Teotitlan. When I make it, I love to think of the women who will be using it."



Ludivina: Ruby Laptop Sleeve 


"I like this one because of the colors achieved with the cochineal dye. I also love the design,  which is the symbol for the sun."


Rocío: Colornation Tote 

“I like the Colornation Tote because of the colors, which remind me of the colors of the stones and the earth here. I wanted to imitate those colors in the Zapotec diamond design in the center of the bag, with corn flower designs around the edges.”



Learning the inspiration behind the colors and designs in their favorite bags makes us feel a deeper affection for them as well. How about you?

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