Creating the Fall/Winter Line

We caught up with Sam, our style guru who lives in Oaxaca, to discuss the process of creating our latest seasonal line.

MZ: What is the inspiration behind the FW16 collection?

Inspiration for the line was pulled from a cozy winter scene. Admiring the beauty of winter – the softness that comes after the first snow, the comforting gray sky that slowly turns into a dusty blue. The green the peaks out and the currants pop, bringing warmth to a winter wonderland.

Why are these colors working for the fall/winter season?

We’ve been wanting to work with a neutral palette for some time, but it’s hard to pull away from all the colors in Mexico! It’s where we get most of our inspiration. However, we felt fall was the perfect time to introduce this line. This palette naturally led to simple versions of our favorite designs. The result turned out beautifully.

How was producing this line unique from others?

The women are hesitant about working with softer palette, because they are accustomed to using brighter colors. They loved how they turned out, and it played an influence in our new MZ Casa line.

How are the artisans taking to developing seasonal lines?

It’s hard work! We are still working out how to fit design into the process, while they have production orders coming through. Our design meeting are a break from the daily grind and a chance to get creative juices flowing. They’re always super fun and we have a good laugh. 

What is your personal favorite from this collection?

The Sierra Norte clutch … The colors keep it simple and sophisticated but the design keeps it from being boring.

Check out the full collection and our FW16 Lookbook. Happy Fall!


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