Decorating your Holiday Table Three Ways

Whether returning home for the holidays, or getting together with friends, gathering around the table to share food and stories is one of the greatest joys of the season. We've put together three concepts for decorating your holiday table, inspired by the beautiful ceramics from our Homecoming Collection.

A few tips for creating photo-worthy holiday tablescapes:

- Keep it low profile! You want the centerpiece to add to, and not detract from the dining experience. No one wants to be dodging around too-tall tapers or bouquets to carry on a conversation. Using small vases, short candles, and greens or fruit that lay low, will allow for eye contact to keep the stories rolling. 

- Keep it seasonal. Incorporating wintery flowers, fruit, and greenery will bring the best of the darkest months into your home and keep your table in connection with nature. 

- Consider smell! Decorating your table isn't just for visual appeal - using fragrant herbs, greenery or fruits will ensure an all-sensory experience. 

- Dare to divert from the traditional. Consider ways to create a wintery setting that doesn't use obvious holiday colors or tired decoration. Here are a few suggestions ... 


To create this autumnal-inspired tablescape, we recommend incorporating anything that fits into an earthy fall palette, such as orange, reds, brown and cream. We wanted this centerpiece to embody the bounty of the season, so we borrowed some foodstuffs from the kitchen, including rosemary and walnuts. Laying those flat on the table, we accented the table with small vases filled with rusty orange mums, our favorite late-blooming flower. The result is a warm and inviting table that smells great and is even edible! Consider leaving nutcrackers out so guests can enjoy the walnuts after dinner. 


Calling in a classic winter scene, we wanted this table to conjure up visions of evergreen boughs blanketed in snow. Start by laying the table out with cedar, which is perfect for this purpose since its needles lie flat. We started from the center, and had the greens "grow" outward from that point. Then add a couple small bouquets of white mums and place some de-stemmed blossoms along the greenery to give a layered effect. Small candles complete this classy and romantic setting. 


One of our favorite parts of winter is the abundance of delicious citrus. For an unexpected but perfectly seasonal tablescape, bring the beauty of these luscious fruits to your holiday table. Opt for a variety of sizes and colors of citrus, and then leave some whole, while cutting others in half. Arrange them down the center of your table, accented with a winter green. We chose eucalyptus for lovely soft green color and its smell. For an extra touch, add slices of lemon or lime to water glasses. After all, it's citrus season! 

To complete these table settings, we loved using the Buen Provecho Palm Placemats and matching Bebida Palm Coasters, paired with the Cena Dinner Plates, Caldo Soup Bowl, and Agua y Vino Tumbler. 



We hope this inspired you to get creative with your holiday table and make the most of connecting with loved ones this season. 


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