Go West

Our latest collection of bags is inspired by the spirit, natural landscapes, and legacy of America's West.

In order to capture the rough natural beauty of the West, we pulled the color palette from its vast landscapes. Pine green hailing from the Rocky Mountains, the rich red of Arizona's rock formations, golden hues from the great plains, and the sacred turquoise stone native to New Mexico.

Beyond the visuals and colors inspired by the West's incredible natural beauty, we wanted to evoke the spirit of the west. From the ancient wisdom of living in harmony with nature exemplified by the indigenous people of this land, to the opportunity and adventure it represented to the pioneers, there is a rich history and lore contained in the western plains, deserts and mountains. 

To articulate the spirit of adventure and opportunity embodied in this land, we wanted to explore fresh ways to combine the traditional Zapotec designs that MZ in known for. The design process is collaboration between the MZ master artisans and Sam, our Product Design Director. 

"We generally begin by discussing technical issues on how to execute the color palette with their dyeing abilities. We then sketch some designs together and pick out different design elements we want to include. I'll map out the designs on illustrator and the weavers bring those to life when weaving the samples," said Sam. 

"It's a balance between creating fresh designs with new technology, while allowing the artisans to have significant input in the design process."

The result of this process is our latest collection, "Go West," which includes 11 unique bags destined to capture your heart and imagination. We love how these bold pieces can add some heat to your winter wardrobe and spur some energy and inspiration on a gray day. Style them with classic jeans, simple button ups, and fun accessories like cowgirl boots, bolo ties and bandanas to complete the western look! 


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