Lupita: 1 Year Later

One year ago we ran a campaign for Lupita, one of the talented artisans we have the honor of working with, who was battling an aggressive form of breast cancer. While her medical bills were covered, her chemotherapy treatment left her without physical strength or energy to work. As a single mother to three boys, she was struggling to get by, although her inner strength was indefatigable.

We were overcome by the amazing outpouring of support from our community. To those who purchased the Lupita clutch (named for her of course!), donated outright, or shared her story, THANK YOU!

We recently had the opportunity to catch up with Lupita, one year after the campaign and her last treatments. From the moment she opened the door to her adobe and brick home, it was clear that she exuded great health. Lupita’s hair had grown back in to a lustrous crop, a rosy blush crossed her cheeks, her bright eyes were shining, and she wore a wide smile.

While her energy and enthusiasm seemed to be back, Lupita said it had been a gradual return to health. Chemo was followed by multiple radiation treatments and her physical recovery post-surgery was slow. Simple tasks that she had performed her whole life, such as cooking and washing the dishes, were unbearable. Her sons stepped in to take care of her, and all the house chores, while she recuperated. There was even a scare in October that the cancer had spread to the other breast, but after extensive testing it was determined that she was indeed cancer-free!

Her physical abilities and energy are returning, and she has been able to reclaim her kitchen and her housework. It’s still a challenge for her to weave, as dyeing yarn and working the loom are physically strenuous activities that her body isn’t quite up to.  So she makes a living cleaning a few houses around the village and returns to the loom for short bursts, looking forward to a time when she can weave full time again.

She if full of gratitude for her family, friends, and those who supported her from afar during this trying time. However, it was undoubtably her positive attitude that made the biggest impact in her overcoming this illness.

“Believing in myself … is what gave me the strength to overcome.”

We are so pleased to be able to share this joyous news with you.

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