MZ Travels: From Redwood Forests to Greek Islands

One of our very favorite things is to see where in the world our bags end up after they leave Oaxaca. We caught up with student and photographer Logan Simon to learn more about her and her adventures with the Voyage Duffel. 

MZ: Tell me a bit about yourself, what you do for work and play?

I am a student living in Seattle, Washington. When I am not in school, I spend most of my time drawing, painting, and taking photos. I love taking photos of my friends around the city. 

Where have your summer adventures taken you?

In June, my boyfriend and I drove hundreds of miles down the coast of Washington, Oregon, and California. We stopped along the way at the Redwood National Park, San Francisco, and Yosemite National Park. The road trip was amazing! A photographer's dream. 

I am currently in Greece with my family. Specifically, on the island Mykonos. The waters are so blue and the sun is always shining. 


What's been the most memorable place or activity?

The most memorable moment of the summer was probably walking across the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. As we were walking across the bridge in the sunset, we saw a pod of humpback whales swim under the bridge! It was insanely cool ... a once in a lifetime opportunity to me. 

How did the Voyage Duffel support your travels?

During the road trip we lived out of our car for three weeks and the Voyage Duffel was my go-to bag. Besides being a beautiful bag, it is also spacious and durable. Since the car was packed with tents, coolers, sleeping bags, and other gear, it was great to have my MZ bag fit all of my clothes! 

Where or what is next?!

In August, I will be moving to New York City to study photography at Pratt Institute. I am beyond excited to be in such a strong and competitive program. I hope to continue to develop my photography skills and get better as an artist. 

Thanks Logan! Wishing you the best of luck on your adventures ahead. 

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