Oaxaca Travel Guide: Top 10 Cafés

Oaxaca may be known for its incredible cuisine, but its coffee culture has developed exponentially in the past decade, and the small city now boasts plenty of great spots to get your caffeine fix. When traveling to a new destination, having a peaceful place to relax and refuel is key ... but with so many options, how does one choose?  From quick corner cafes, to full-blown brunch spots, we've scouted our favorite places to enjoy a cup and savor the moment.

Best Pour Overs: Jaguar Yuu

Coffee snobs rejoice, Jaguar Yuu really knows their stuff. Enjoy a Chemex pour-over while learning about the local coffee industry, bean to cup!  If you're hungry, their breakfast and lunch menu won't disappoint. 

Best French Press: Cafeto & Baristas

A cozy and chill locale to share a french press with a friend, or with a good book. Don't forget to order the banana bread!

Best Workspace: Café Brújula

Cafe Brújula is a Oaxacan staple. With many locations, it’s a convenient and consistently good spot to grab a beverage, tap into the WiFi, and stay a while! Note: like most spots in Oaxaca, WiFi speeds vary.

Late Night Hang: Cafébre

With its central location and generous hours (open 'til 11 PM!), this is our favorite spot for a late night (and alcohol-free) meet up! 

Best Baked Goods: Boulenc 

Boulenc has quickly caught some major buzz for having the best bread and baked goods in Oaxaca. Enjoy a long lunch at their sit-down restaurant that boasts a great vibe and menu, or grab something to go at the connected cafe. 

Best Brunch: Chepiche Café

Chepiche has a seriously impressive brunch menu, with inspired takes on traditional dishes and non-traditional breakfast items made with local ingredients, such as their blue corn cakes with house-made blackberry jam. Spend the morning in their peaceful courtyard and dig in! 

Best Quick Breakfast: Muss Café

One of the best spots in Oaxaca to get your avocado toast fix, or a chocolate croissant paired with a great Americano. As it's located inside a boutique hotel, you can enjoy your quick bite in its lovely courtyard. 

Best Non-Caffeine Beverage: Mondo Café

This small and airy café is known for its lovely lavender lemonade, but their latte isn't half bad either. Make sure you get a punch card if you're staying in Oaxaca for a while, you'll want to come back!

Best Latte: Café El Volador

El Volador is located in one of the most picturesque squares in Oaxaca. Order a macadamia nut milk latte, sit outside and people-watch for awhile.

Best Hot Chocolate: Café Caracol Púrpura

This cafe is tucked away from the main center of town, but its authentic Oaxacan hot chocolate makes Café Caracol Púrpura a worthy destination. In addition to the best cacao beverage, they have lots of coffee options, plus small goods for purchase, and great vibes. 


Were there any spots that we missed? We'd love to hear about your favorite cafés, and why! 

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