SEA & SKY | the FW19 Collection

SEA & SKY, the fall/winter ’19 collection, is available now! Introducing eight fresh bags inspired by the wide skies and deep seas of Oaxaca. With modern interpretations of traditional Zapotec designs woven in watery hues, you’re sure to find a unique statement bag to transition you into the winter season in style. 

The design process is headed by our Oaxaca-based Design + Production Manager, Ana Cris. Using Oaxaca's seas and skies as inspiration, she crafted a color palette that features shades of blue and green, from emerald to olive, turquoise and pear. These shades are often accented with the ivory shade of natural white wool and then with black or brown leather.  

With the seasonal palette confirmed, the weavers get together to dye a small quantity of wool. This first batch of wool is used to weave sample designs, which then get submitted for inclusion in the final collection.

“I forget the world when I begin to dye. The colors are never the same and it’s interesting every time.” - Josefina

Ana Cris also drafted some design ideas to help support the artisans in thinking outside of the box of their traditional symbols. The artisans can then use this design inspiration, produce designs all their own, or create a sort of hybrid of the two as they weave samples. Many of the patterns you see on the bags in this collection represent that modern twist on Zapotec designs. 

Four artisans, Josefina, Rocío, Malena and Antonia, designed this collection. Each designing artisan has a team of weavers that helps them produce in quantity, which they form and manage on their own. While every individual throughout the production process works together, each artisan leader is in charge of their own small business, which offers personal responsibility and pride. 

When the final samples have been decided on by the entire MZ team, it's time to turn the woven wool panel into a bag.  The lining is added, handles and zippers attached, and then the entire bag is gone over with (literally) a fine-tooth comb and tweezers to remove any debris left over from the wool or the production process. Each designer then attaches the tag and signs their name, taking pride in seeing the design through to its final stage. 

“When I see a bag I designed I say, ‘Oh yes, that’s how I imagined it!' It’s very cool.” - Rocío 

We're thrilled to share this new collection with you. 


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