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Each quarter we select one of our amazing retail partners as the winner of our ongoing photo contest. We've been enjoying beautiful captures of Boxed and Burlap all year long, with their MZ products expertly merchandised alongside other beautiful and meaningful items. We are excited for the opportunity to learn more about their business and how they utilize social media to grow their community and drive sales. 

Boxed and Burlap is a more than just a shop. It's part cafe, part retail store, and also doubles as an event center. Husband and wife team Lindsay and John have created this unique space in Delavan, Wisconsin, where they work and live with their two young daughters. 

In our modern day digital era, technology that should connect us, sadly can have the unintended effect of isolating us. The beauty of the space they have created, paired with their mastery of social media, is that they have figured out how to leverage the platform to offer opportunities for folks to connect face to face.

MZ: Can you share a bit about yourselves and the Boxed and Burlap story?

Lindsay: As a husband and wife team with multifaceted interests in the areas of parenting, entrepreneurship, art and teaching, we feel a sense of urgency to create and succeed through what some may consider to be non-traditional avenues. Like a work of art, Boxed and Burlap was a blank space, and our team of two inspired students were eager to find an accurate medium to express our feelings. Boxed and Burlap’s story was not planned, in fact there were moments in the beginning when we had to stop, disassemble, and put all of the puzzle pieces together. In deciding what Boxed and Burlap was going to be as a business, we relied on remembering who we are as individuals and as a couple. Our goal with Boxed and Burlap is to stay true to our faith, be inspired by the past, and to encourage others for a more positive future.

Boxed and Burlap is a business that enjoys visionary spaces both inside and out.  We love providing the community with bespoke handcrafted coffee, unique environments, a coffee corner curated with high quality decor and accessory pieces for sale and a seasonal garden center with plants in the spring and Christmas trees and handcrafted wreaths and garland during November and December. Our Barn and Batten House are available for rent throughout the year to host weddings, corporate events, classes and meetings. Additionally, we hold a Market on Fridays during the summer months with vendors selling homegrown produce, handmade food and handcrafted items. Lastly, Yoga Lake Geneva holds yoga classes in our Batten House seven days a week year round.

The truth is, Boxed and Burlap is a feeling, fed to the soul with coffee, creative spaces and community. We aspire for our business to be a place that feeds the human soul with peace, comfort, hope and inspiration.

MZ: How do you curate the products you carry, in consideration of your values and aesthetic?

Lindsay: Boxed and Burlap is a business that believes in the power of creativity, community and craftsmanship. As an artist myself, I have a high appreciation for handmade items and expectations for superior craftsmanship. My husband John and I enjoy the process of designing and creating spaces, objects, and art by hand. As such, we admire individuals and businesses that do the same. Through Boxed and Burlap, we hope to share the joy of creating and creativity with others.

MZ fits well into Boxed and Burlap’s brand, as the company, its products and the artisans embody the positive power of bringing creativity, community and superior craftsmanship together.

MZ: How do you utilize photography and social media to promote yourself and your products?

Lindsay: We believe strongly in promoting Boxed and Burlap through quality and consistent photography on our social media and website. We have an amazing social media manager Erin, who found us during our first year in business. Her aesthetic really matches our branding and her ability to engage our customers and promote our products and business is outstanding. We are thankful to have met Erin and being able to trust her with Boxed and Burlap’s social media is a blessing.

MZ: What tips would you offer other retail shops to find success in social media?


Finding success in social media involves maintaining a consistent and exceptional experience for followers through high quality imagery and engaging text that matches the branding of your business.

Variety in imagery and text is important in order to keep the attention of your followers while being mindful to maintain quality and branding. Additionally, John and I believe in recognizing your strengths and weaknesses. If social media is not your strength, or if it takes too much time away from your taking care of an integral part of your business, then it is important to invest in an individual who can bring your social media to its highest potential.

12 Fun Facts about Boxed and Burlap!

    1. Our coffee comes from a small roaster in Brooklyn, NY. We chose this roaster for many reasons but specifically for Boxed and Burlap to have a high quality product that cannot be found in any other midwestern coffee shop. 
    2. The outdoor garden center is seasonal, with plants available in the spring and summer, Christmas trees and handcrafted wreaths in November and December.
    3. We run a Market on Fridays 8am - 2pm in our Barn May through September with vendors selling produce and handcrafted items.

    4. We offer the Barn to be rented for weddings and corporate events. 

    5. We hosted a styled bridal show last May in the Barn.
    6. Our Batten House is booked for small events of up to 50 guests, which have included bridal showers, baby showers, small weddings and usage as a bridal sweet. 
    7. Our Batten House holds yoga classes by Yoga Lake Geneva seven days a week.
    8. Boxed and Burlap has hosted two crafted cocktail workshops this winter in the Batten House and is planning more events like this in the winter months.
    9. Almost once a month Boxed and Burlap hosts Open Mic events, with live music, coffee, wine and craft beer.
    10. The Coffee House was an existing house on the property that was completely redesigned and remodeled by John and Lindsay.
    11. The Batten House was previously the garage to the existing house and was completely redesigned and remodeled John and Lindsay.
    12. The Barn was built on the property by John and Lindsay as the property was being transformed.

Thanks to Lindsay and John for sharing their story and tips for success. 

All of our retail partners can enter to win the photo contest (prize is free shipping, plus being featured on our social media, blog, and newsletter) simply by tagging us in your photos on social media! 

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