Shop Feature: Live Enlightened And Free

The LEAF Shop caught our eye when they posted a photo on Instagram of their creative and vibrant display featuring MZ bags. We reached out to owner Chris Parlin to find out more about their business, and vision. 

Chris: The name of my shop is LEAF - Live Enlightened And Free. It is located in Carlsbad, California in Bressi Ranch Village.

MZ: How would you describe your offerings?

Chris: LEAF offers a conscious shopping experience. We provide a wide range of mindful gifts, many of which are fair trade, handmade, and often local. We like people to feel good about what they buy so we put a lot of thought and good vibes into sourcing our products.

MZ is the perfect candidate for my store. Not only are they beautiful and handcrafted, but they are also fair trade. They fit the style and aesthetic of the store in a conscious way. MZ is the type of company I actively seek when looking for new products.

MZ: What was the motivation for starting your business?

Chris: From a very young age I've always had a love and passion for the unique and artistic. I've always wanted a place where I could share that side of myself with others. This is my way to give back not only to local people but also to the world community. I love crystals, world religions, and learning about people and their life experiences so I created a place that I love and that I am passionate about so I could inspire others to follow their own way, their own ambition.

MZ: What drives you?

Chris: The biggest thing that drives me to do what I do are the peoples' lives that I impact in a positive way. I don't want the store to be just a place where people come to shop; I want it to be an experience for people to feel good, grow and nurture their own creativity and spiritual journey.

I'd like to encourage people to not give up on their dreams and to share their gifts with the world. Every dream is important, no matter how small.


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