Summer Ethical Fashion - Mexican Small Biz Edition

Summer 2020 is certainly one unlike any before. Trips have to be made closer to home, the pace of activities has slowed, our immediate circles have become smaller, and priorities have shifted. In light of this, we have focused our picks on practical and versatile pieces that will play well with other items in your closet and are appropriate to carry you into the fall season. Quality, wearability and longevity are key. 

Ethical fashion can encompass many different values, but what those different values all have in common is that they promote practices that are gentler on the planet and kinder to the people who produce the clothes. From fair trade practices, to sustainable materials, handmade processes, shopping local or secondhand and supporting small businesses ... all of these tenants are important, and it's OK if you don't reach every single one of them every time. What's important is to be aware of the danger of fast fashion on people and the planet, and to strive to make as many conscious choices about your purchases as often as you can. We are all doing our best, and we want to make it easier for you to find ethical fashion brands that also produce seriously stunning stuff!

For this summer round-up of ethical fashion we have curated this look exclusively from small brands that all produce in Mexico! We wanted to highlight the amazing fashion coming out of Mexico lately, and also feature small businesses that need our support in these difficult times. 


1. ZII Ropa Aku Top in White 

2. Ocelot Face Mask in Gray Linen 

3. Ocelot Play Bomber Jacket in White

4. MZ Pastel Mitla Clutch 

5. ZII Ropa Pia Pant in Light Blue 

6. Al Mar Mazunte Mule 

7. Texcoco Punk Necklace by Cara Larga

Even if you aren't traveling this year, a little online shopping from international brands can help spice up your wardrobe. We hope this round-up will help you discover some follow-worthy brands, and get inspiration for ethical summer fashion that can help you transition smoothly into fall. 

What are you favorite Mexican ethical fashion brands? Let us know in the comments! 

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