Spring Fashion Refresh

This season is one unlike any other before. Maybe you are in a different economic situation, or uninspired to even get dressed in the morning. Maybe you are Marie-Kondoing your closet and enjoying online shopping in lieu of being able to go out. Either way, spring is here, with promises of sunnier days ahead, and we love being able to shed our winter wear and freshen up our wardrobes. 

Here are some ways to revamp what you already have hanging in your closet, ideas for updating your wardrobe on a budget, and, if you’re able and inspired, some of our top picks for spring pieces to make you look and feel great. 

5 Ways to Revamp your Closet without Spending a Dime 


A great first step in creating a closet that makes you feel great in the AM is by purging all the pieces you have collected along the way that no longer serve you. Whether it’s ill-fitting pieces, trendy items that don’t stand the test of time, or something that you’ve held onto for the right occasion that never came … time to let it go. 

After your purge, seek out a local charity or women’s shelter to donate to, so your unwanted items can get the second life they deserve. While many such locations are currently closed due to social distancing measures, as of writing the Salvation Army is still accepting donations for those in need. Check the website or contact your local charity before attempting to drop off clothes.  


A great way to make the most of what you currently have in your closet is to organize and care for your keeper items. Purging may have cleared some space, and now setting things up in a way that feels inspiring as you are getting dressed in the morning can change your mindset from, “I have nothing to wear!” to, “Ah … my favorite sweater.”

Get things up off the floor, onto hangers or shelves. Try this Japanese clothes-folding method so you can see EVERY item you have in your drawers at one glance. Arranging your clothes by type or color can create a satisfying and relaxing ambience in your space.

In order to maximize what you have, take the time to wash those clothes that have remained at the bottom of the laundry basket, waiting to be hand-washed or dry cleaned but often get overlooked on laundry day. It’s also time to mend the pieces that need attention in order to get back into your rotation. Sew the hole, replace the button or simply let it go. You will be amazed at how making those pieces ready-to-wear will change the feel of your wardrobe.


It’s time to put away heavy coats and rain gear, scarves and mittens. Make sure winter items have been properly cleaned to ensure that moths don’t get a chance to prey on your clothes. Store these pieces in plastic bins for best protection, but make sure they are not completely airtight, as some fabrics, like wool, want to breathe. 

Pull out spring and summer pieces that have been stored in boxes or lodged in the back of drawers. Things you haven’t worn in six months can feel marvelously new again, especially when put together with other items in a fresh way. 


Spring is all about layering in order to be prepared for changes in weather (or your mood)! To make the most of the wardrobe you already have, considering combining items from your summer and winter wardrobes that you wouldn’t normally pair together. Toss on a blazer over a bra top, a wool cardigan over a flower print dress, or pair boots with shorts and a long sleeve shirt. Pulling from warm and cold weather wardrobes can offer you countless combinations to keep your outfits looking fresh. 

Another way to mix up your same clothes into new outfits is to ignore your own fashion rules and go bold with unlikely pairings. Mixing up prints, colors and styles that you wouldn’t normally wear can lead to new and exciting looks! Try a checked jacket over a tie dye T-shirt, a button-up paired with a flowy skirt or mixing reds and pinks in one outfit. Bold combos can lead to exciting looks and a more adventurous style. 


Accessories add spice to an ordinary outfit. Even if the only people who are going to see your ‘fits are your roommates, big earrings or a head scarf can make your feel tres chic. Working with jewelry you already have, try layering multiple necklaces of the same material for a textured look, or rocking earrings with a casual outfit to class up your weekday bun. We are loving a simple silk scarf knotted around your ponytail or a kerchief around your neck. An accessory a day can keep the outfit blues away. 


If you’ve gone through your wardrobe and identified some missing pieces, such as a cozy yet lightweight sweater, or jeans that actually fit well … there are ways to fill in the blanks but not break the bank. Buying second hand fashion is not only easy on the wallet, but easy on the earth too. 

Some resources for buying gently used fashion:

  1. DEPOP 
  2. ThredUp
  3. Poshmark 
  4. Tradesy
  5. ASOS Marketplace 

Another option is to seek out your favorite ethical brands and see who’s doing a sale. Many brands are doing sales with larger discounts than normal (or even for the first time ever!) in light of challenging economic times. It can be a great time to get a piece you’ve been eying for an easier price. 

MZ is offering 30% OFF site-wide! 

5 NEW Pieces we love for Spring 

If you’re looking for a few new pieces to add to your wardrobe, we’ve identified some key items that can play nicely with multiple pieces you already worn, and get tons of repeat wear. We’ve curated this short list, as always, from all ethical brands.

1. Looking for a lightweight jacket to carry you through the unpredictable spring weather? Made from 100% recycled materials, this packable one from Everlane is a great option!

2. A great fitting pair of jeans is the ultimate wardrobe piece. Capable of taking you through the seasons and also from day to night, it's the most versatile item! However, the process of making them can be very harsh on the environment because of the unnatural dyes and the high water usage. Your best bet is to find a vintage pair to reduce the footprint of your jean purchase! If you don’t feel like scouring your local thrift shop, RE/DONE is a great online resource for used jeans, including the timeless and coveted vintage Levis!

3. We are pretty sure that nothing screams spring more than a floral dress. This one from Christy Dawn is made in the USA from 100% organic cotton and deadstock fabric so can you feel good about where it comes from each time you slip it on! Currently 20% OFF. 

4. There are two things we love most about Veja Sneakers. One being that they are versatile enough to wear with a dress or with jeans. However, more importantly, we love the company’s sustainable and ethical practices!

5. Need a Spring bag to pair with any outfit? Made ethically in Oaxaca by artisans, our Milpa bucket tote is a perfect choice to fill with all your everyday essentials. 


Whatever your circumstances, we hope some of these ideas inspire you to enter into this new season with a fresh spin on your wardrobe. Take care out there!

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