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While we never met an MZ bag we didn't like, there are a few that stand out as our top tier ... the bags that we use every single day or that we would never leave on a trip without. Since these are our tried and tested favorites, we thought we'd share them with you!

Hannah, Creative & Marketing Director: Indigo Diamond Backpack

"I LOVE my Indigo Diamond Backpack because it's a beautiful, functional, all-grown-up sort of backpack. By day, I pack my laptop, notebook, wallet and sunglasses. By night, I can bring only the essentials and it's so slim and elegant that I never feel too bulky or casual. This bag is perfect for someone like me who travels often and needs a bag that packs easily and works well for an array of occasions and activities."

Ana Cris, Design & Production Manager: Estrellas Tote

"I love this bag because of the color scheme. I find it fascinating that all the colors are generated by the same insect: cochineal. The repeated diamond design generates a simple pattern but the color enhances the complexity. The contrast with the black skin enhances its beauty. Also, it's my favorite because Ludivina, the artisan, is such a good person, very kind and patient, she's an expert on the natural dyes." 

Liz, Chief Operating Officer: Compass Crossbody

"I love the compass because it's makes a big statement in a little bag. The black background makes it go with almost any outfit and the bright pop of  turquoise and red gets compliments all the time. Plus, it's just the right size for when you need to take the essentials but don't want to weigh yourself down."   

Jenna, Marketing Intern: After the Rain Tote

"I love the After the Rain Tote because of its perfect colors, but also the versatility to take it anywhere with you!  You can use it for everything from packing up your laptop for a day at the cafe to filling it up with veggies and flowers at the market. I tend to be out and about all day so love to have a bag that can fit everything I'll need!"    

Gisela, Director of Sales: Eagle Eye Clutch

"The design on this clutch is mesmerizing, truly beautiful! It's also so versatile- when I travel it works well as a cosmetics bag, a device charger organizer, or a jewelry pouch. Day to day it makes a great companion for my go-to tote, making it easy to organize essentials."  

Shelley, Founder & CEO: Snowflake Tote 

"The Snowflake Tote is my favorite because it's so classy with the classic Zapotec design is subtle colors and an eye catching pop of my favorite color, dark red."

These are stand outs for us but really it's so hard to choose! What's your favorite MZ bag?    

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