MZ Made Brand Transparency

Transparency and accountability are two of the most important tenets of fair trade. At MZ Made, we go to great lengths to share every part of our production process as part of our commitment to transparency. From creating artisan profiles on our website so the end customer can meet the maker, to detailing the production process in video, and explaining our choices of shipping materials in an effort to be more sustainable, we strive to be as open as possible.

The open sharing of information of course includes sharing with our artisan partners as well! We share ALL of our business information with the artisan team, explaining our costs, expenses, payments and processes in great detail. Not only does this increase trust and understanding among the entire MZ Made team, but supports their business education and the growth of their own small businesses beyond their work with MZ Made.

We invite you to explore the mission behind MZ Made. Should you have any questions about our mission, brand or fair trade practices, please reach out to us!

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