Zapotec Designs

Zapotec Designs

We recognize the significant role that weaving plays in maintaining and celebrating the incredible Zapotec artisanal lineage. We believe it is essential that Zapotec communities are able to pass down the meaning behind the traditional Zapotec symbols and with it, their connections to their ancestors and the natural world.

Many of the traditional designs found on MZ Made bags are taken from pre-Hispanic Zapotec ruins such as Mitla and Monte Alban. Each of these symbols has a deep cultural meaning to the people who weave them. We are honored to share these beautiful designs with the world.

The Importance of
Zapotec Symbols

The Importance of Zapotec Symbols

"Sharing our Zapotec culture is really important and beautiful. Before, people didn’t value it as much.

Now, people know that every piece of weaving holds the history of the village, the story of a family and their customs."

-Maria Luisa, Artisan Partner