Meet Josefina

Meet Antonia + Tomás

Josefina learned to weave when she was 12 years old, taught by her parents. Together with her sister they helped with simple tasks such as arranging threads and making bobbins, and in time she became especially interested in natural dyes - her true passion.

Josefina loves the element of surprise when plants, bark, insects and other natural sources become colors for yarn. She really likes to try different extraction methods and mix and match color baths. Her favorite dye is indigo. Josefina thinks it's a great ingredient to change colors quickly and efficiently. When she does color experiments and there is a skein she doesn't like, she dips it in indigo and always changes to a color she likes better.

From her small workshop, Josefina really likes to weave small pieces that carry a lot of detail. She fearlessly experiments with colors, shapes and sizes.

She feels very proud to be part of the artisan community of Teotitlán del Valle; she believes that it is a job that identifies her as a person and connects her with the people of the town and her ancestors.


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