We wanted to get up close and personal with our favorite clutch of the season: the Itha Foldover Clutch. With a chic shape and removable strap for versatility, this beauty is your perfect lightweight companion for hot summer days and bright nights. 

"I think the bag goes perfectly with a summer slip dress or boyfriend jeans and a casual tee with flat sandals. It’s as great an accessory for a summer stroll as it is for a night out dancing," explains our Design Coordinator, Sam.

"The size of the bag and the removable strap allows for impromptu activities that get you playing tourist in your own city. The Itha lets your spontaneity shine in style!"

The word "Itha" comes from the ancient Tolteca word Itandehui, and means "flower of the heavens." The Tolteca people lived in what is currently the state of Hidalgo, Mexico.

The symbols in the Orion Itha, which was designed by master weaver Josefina, represent a lluvia de estrellas or "rain of stars." 

Josefina explains, "With Sam's help, we decided on the colors to use. I like to put the rain of stars design on top of the gray background. To me it's a lovely color combination and I think it turned out great. This model is very practical and flirty, ideal for girls who like freedom." 

The combination of the rich Zapotec symbology and a modern design built for spontaneity makes the Itha a truly unique star of the summer. 

The Itha Foldover Clutch is on sale for a limited time (while supplies last!) with promo code: Itha20 

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