FW17 // The Creation of our New Collection

We welcome our favorite season with the introduction of our Fall/Winter '17 Collection. 

The collection’s inspiration unfolded from a lluvia de ideas (brainstorm) with the weavers. We were loving the olive and military greens, combined with beige and an earthy brick red. The unexpectedness of a splash of blue, intermingling amongst these colors, introduced tranquility.
We became inspired by this particular photo of the Painted Hills in Oregon. The landscape captured the colors we had imagined, they collided beautifully together, in a perfectly fresh fall way. 
- Samantha Wattson, Product Design Director 

Check out the full FW17 Collection HERE. 

Half of our staff live in Oregon so we followed that course of inspiration for the lookbook photoshoot, to the Columbia River Gorge.

The deep tones of the black and red rocky faces of the gorge, endless fields of golden grass, velvety moss, and the expanse of azure sky, are woven throughout the new collection. The dramatic landscape echoed the bold Zapotec designs, and offered a unique but somehow fitting framework through which to explore design ideas for the new collection. 

We brought together a fantastic team for the lookbook, spending a hot July day in fall layers and winter coats in order to capture the season. The day was spent exploring new terrain, getting lost in a sea of golden grass, scrambling over rocks and taking in the expansive views. 

Beyond discovering the raw beauty of this place, we felt compelled to look within to the urge that draws us to nature, and the feeling that is evoked within us there. Through a change of pace and a shift of perspective, we can achieve a heightened sense of connection with the earth, ourselves, and each other.

Check out the full lookbook HERE.

Photographer: Mikola Accuardi 

Stylist: Chelsea Parrett

Model: Kandy Johnson 

MUAH: Janine Salzman 

Director/Producer: Hannah Aronowitz 

Happy fall!

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