Pillow Insert Shopping Guide

You asked, we listened! Shopping for pillow covers and their inserts separately can be confusing. And due to the strict fair trade guidelines we follow, we can't just sell any insert along with our fair trade and handmade pillow covers. 

In order to make your pillow shopping process easier, we have partnered with pillowcubes, a rad company that sells a huge assortment of environmentally friendly pillow inserts!

pillowcubes' eco inserts contain fill fiber made from recycled plastic bottles inside an unbleached cotton pillowcase. Unbleached cotton means there are way less chemicals used in the manufacture process. And, these green pillow inserts cost exactly the same amount as their conventional counterparts!

As if that isn't reason enough, we've sweetened the deal by offering you 10% off their inserts through September with promo code: ManosZapotecas


There has never been a better time to upgrade your throw pillows and give your home an instant refresh! 

Some tips on selecting the correct size inserts from our friends at pillowcubes:

For most fabric types, you will want to order the exact same size insert. If you have knit fabrics, delicate fabrics, or don’t want your cover completely filled out, then you may want to order an insert one inch smaller (both length and width). If you want your cover to be “over-stuffed,” then you may want to order an insert one inch larger (both length and width).

Now, we know that you may be used to automatically ordering larger pillows in order to get one that fits, but be aware that our square, rectangle, and round pillow inserts all have an actual measurement of one inch larger than the ordered size (as shown in the additional information under each product). We have taken the guesswork out of the equation for you!

Happy Shopping! 




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