The MZ Journal-Spring Fashion Refresh-MZ

Spring Fashion Refresh

This season is one unlike any other before. Maybe you are in a different economic situation, or uninspired to even get dressed in the morning. Mayb...

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The MZ Journal-Artisan Favorites-MZ

Artisan Partner Favorites

We recently shared our staff's favorite bags with you, the ones we wouldn't leave the house without. The MZ artisans have bags that are the closest...

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The MZ Journal-Pack your Bags!-MZ

Pack your Bags!

This time of year has probably got you caught with a case of wanderlust, dreaming about your next destination. Luckily, our handwoven duffel bags m...

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The MZ Journal-Holiday Gift Guides-MZ

Holiday Gift Guides

The gifting season is here! The holidays are not only an opportunity for celebration and connection, but a chance to choose ethically made gifts th...

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